The great state of Texas offers many wonderful cities bristling with fun, but Denton, TX is a hidden gem in close proximity to both Fort Worth and Dallas. If you’re considering relocating for better access to the University of North Texas, Texas Women’s University, or just for the great atmosphere, you have so much to look forward to.

Moving to Denton, TX, is appealing for many reasons. Located just 40 miles north of Dallas, it offers all the convenience and amenities of a location that borders one of the country’s most sought-after major cities. However, living in Denton, TX is much more than just being close to Dallas. It’s an artsy college town with great music, food, events, and community.

Cost of Living in Denton

The cost of living in Denton, TX, sits comfortably just below the national average. The median home value is nearly the same as the national average, but a bit higher than the average for Texas, as it is near Dallas and a desirable urbanized town in its own right. The average home price is around $233,000.

Life in Denton, Texas, is relatively inexpensive compared to the national average. Prices of groceries, transportation, utilities, amenities, and entertainment here are just below the national average. At such a reasonable price-point, you may be wondering, “Is Denton, Texas safe?” The answer is yes! In terms of violent crime, Denton’s rates are drastically lower than the national average. Property-related crime is also slightly below the national average.

Denton is a University Town

When reading about Denton, Texas, one of the first things you will discover is that it is a major college town. The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University are both local to Denton and are reputable, popular colleges with a combined enrollment of 50,000 students. It’s not hard to imagine how this massive influx of students positively influences things to do in Denton, and the richness of the arts scene, sporting events, and the whole community. In fact, notable University of North Texas alums include Don Henley and Norah Jones, who both built their musical chops in the Denton scene! If you have a high schooler at home, think of the convenience of such great educational options in your backyard.

What to Do in Denton

If you’re still wondering, “Is Denton, Texas a nice place to live?” look no further than the myriad community attractions and activities for your answer. Here are just four of the best events and fun things to do in Denton.

1. Music Festivals

Denton is home to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival and the Denton Blues Festival, in addition to the many great events sponsored by the universities. In fact, many of the concerts associated with the colleges are free or quite affordable. Denton is particularly known for jazz and roots music, but it’s not difficult for a music lover to find a little of everything!

2. Theatre

You would never guess the rich theatre and cinema history of Denton. The renowned Campus Theatre was the home of the premiere of Bonnie and Clyde in 1967, along with screenings of other Hollywood classics. The University of North Texas also has an active community theatre scene, and the Campus Theatre is currently home to two film festivals—Denton Black Film Festival and Thin Line Fest. No shortage of fun for film buffs!

3. The Rodeo

Denton plays host to the North Texas Fair and Rodeo for nine days in August. It is a huge PRCA rodeo complete with major-act live music events, livestock shows, countless food vendors, and family-friendly activities. If you’re interested in the cowboy life all year round, Denton is also just minutes away from some of the best open-to-the-public equestrian farms and riding land in the country.

4. The Great Outdoors

Denton is home to over 300 acres of green space, many city parks, and two state-of-the-art recreational centers. It’s a perfect town for active people who enjoy getting outside and staying fit or simply hosting a picnic on the weekends.

Denton, TX—A Place to Call Home

Is Denton, Texas, a good place to live? Check it out and see for yourself. It’s the perfect blend of big city and small town, with the convenience you want and the lifestyle you deserve. If you’re interested in making a move, contact us  or begin the search online for your new home!