Deciding to live in a planned community is a significant step towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. These communities offer a ready-made lifestyle for all ages with immediate access to fantastic amenities like parks, pools, and fitness centers. Additionally, the sense of community and opportunities for social engagement in these neighborhoods cater to a growing desire for connection in an increasingly digital world.

However, the choice between joining an established planned community or becoming a pioneer in a brand new planned community that’s just starting out presents a unique set of considerations. Each option offers distinct advantages, from the excitement of shaping a new neighborhood to the comfort and stability of an established community.

Reasons to Buy in a New Home Community

It isn’t often you get the chance to help build the foundation of something. Embracing the role of a “founder” or “pioneer” in a new home community can come with unique benefits. Some new home communities commemorate the first wave of homeowners by including their names on a publicly displayed plaque or monument, symbolizing their foundational role within the community. This opportunity allows you to witness and contribute to the community’s growth and development firsthand, offering a sense of pride and ownership unlike any other.

Getting in on the “ground floor” of a brand-new community also allows you to enjoy the benefit of home value appreciation. New communities are created in prime, up-and-coming locations where demand for homes is growing and projected to be strong for the foreseeable future. This means you can buy while prices are still relatively low and enjoy maximum return on your investment.

Choosing a lot in a new community provides a variety of options, although availability is typically segmented by the development phases. This selection process allows you to pick a spot that resonates with your preferences within the currently developed areas, ensuring your new home aligns with both your needs and desires.

Reasons to Buy in an Established Community vs. New Master-Planned Community

Opting for an established planned community over a new development brings several benefits:

  • Mature Amenities: Established communities don’t need a breaking-in period. Their amenities are already fully operational, from recreational facilities to community centers, allowing immediate enjoyment without waiting for future development.
  • Established Sense of Community: A developed community has a built-in network of neighbors and friends, offering a welcoming environment and opportunities to connect with your community.
  • Proven Schools: The on-site schools will be well established, and you can rely on reviews and ratings to gauge their performance.
  • Proven Track Record: Want to know if a neighborhood will work for you? Look around at how it’s worked for others. The popularity and desirability of a community can be measured by the speed at which homes sell, providing reassurance about your investment.
  • Home Value Data: Established new home communities offer a wealth of data. Real estate agents can demonstrate how home values have appreciated over time, affirming the community’s desirability and your investment’s potential growth.
  • Less Construction Disruption: Living in an established community means less ongoing construction, offering a more peaceful environment.
  • More Surrounding Services: Established communities often have a variety of nearby restaurants, stores, and services, which have grown alongside the community’s population.

Moving to a New Neighborhood: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a master-planned community in Texas?

A master-planned community in Texas is a large-scale residential neighborhood with a wide array of amenities and facilities, meticulously designed to offer an enhanced living experience. These new home communities are characterized by their comprehensive planning that includes diverse housing options and a variety of new construction builders along with parks, recreational areas, schools, and sometimes even commercial spaces, all within the community’s boundaries. In Texas, where both space and innovation are plentiful, new home communities are designed to cater to multiple lifestyles, promoting a sense of belonging and community among diverse residents.

What is another name for a master-planned community?

Master-planned communities are often referred to as “new home communities,” “integrated communities,” or even “planned towns or settlements.” These terms highlight the intentional design and comprehensive amenities that distinguish these communities from standard residential neighborhoods. The focus is on creating a self-sufficient living environment where residents can find most of their needs met right there within the community, fostering a unique and cohesive lifestyle.

How have home prices performed in established communities?

Home prices in established communities have generally shown a positive trend, appreciating over time. This is due to several factors, including the desirability of living in a well-planned, amenity-rich environment, the stability and maturity of the community, and the ongoing demand for homes in areas known for their quality of life.

In Texas, established new home communities have been particularly successful in maintaining and increasing their property values, making them a sound long-term investment for homeowners. The combination of strategic location, quality construction, and community amenities contributes to the enduring appeal of these homes, supporting a steady appreciation of home values.

Find Your Home at Union Park by Hillwood

Union Park by Hillwood exemplifies the quintessential established new home community, blending the allure of new construction homes with the charm and stability of mature landscaping and amenities. This community stands out for its:

  • Availability of New Construction Homes: Even within its established setting, Union Park offers plenty of new homes, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Fully Operational Amenities: From parks to pools, all of our community facilities are up and running, ready to enhance your lifestyle from day one.
  • Established Schools: Benefit from the reassurance of sending your children to reputable schools that have been serving the community for years already.
  • Award-Winning Lifestyle Program: Union Park’s nationally recognized lifestyle manager is renowned for creating innovative events, activities, and classes that foster strong community bonds.

Union Park is more than just a place to live; it’s a community designed to enrich your life, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of new home options within an established, vibrant community. If you’re drawn to the idea of living in a community where you can immediately connect with neighbors, enjoy mature amenities, and feel confident in your investment, consider making Union Park your home.

Explore your new home options online and discover how Union Park can offer you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Our builders have available homes, and many are offering incentives, so now is a great time to buy!