Union Park’s Philanthropy Partner: Lovepacs Aubrey

In 2022, Union Park selected Lovepacs Aubrey as our philanthropy to support. Lovepacs was created to provide meals to students at risk for food insecurity, who would otherwise go hungry during school holidays. Through coordination with local schools and volunteers, Lovepacs Aubrey supports schools with essential meals, snacks, and pantry staples for weekend bags, school holidays, long breaks, and summer.

In 2023, Lovepacs Aubrey served over 150 families within our on-site Union Park Elementary School and the nearby Navo Middle School and Braswell High School. Union Park neighbors are able to fight hunger in the community by partnering with Lovepacs Aubrey to provide food for children in need. Our community generated over $3,000 in donations through the Teen Council Back to School Bash Dunk Tank event, a Summer Food Drive, and the Adult Murder Mystery parties. Lovepacs Aubrey provided snacks, as well as weekend and holiday food bags, to over 400 students in 18 surrounding schools throughout the school year.

I’ve been working with Lovepacs Aubrey for over seven years and it has changed my life forever. And, even though the numbers have changed, the children move on, the counselors’ role shifts and the socioeconomic situation fluctuates, one thing is constant…the connection with the community. The relationships I have built over the years have been organic, open, respectful, spirited, and full of joy. It is what drives me to serve, to give, to love, and to fill the need in our schools. It keeps me engaged and inspired. It shines a light on the humanity of others and gives me hope. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Union Park and your amazing community!” – Karen Mattson, Lovepacs Aubrey Community Leader