What Our Residents Say

Rama G.

I love the residents of Union park..they are all so friendly and such warm people. I truly feel at home!

Russ H.

My family and I have enjoyed meeting the neighbors. I’ve met more folks in 3 months than I did in my last neighborhood. Love the different events the HOA puts on for the residents. Actually feels like our dues are going towards making this a community.

Sharon S.

We lived in a nice neighborhood in Kentucky for 19 years. Met some new people, became very good friends with a few immediate neighbors. However, here we have met so many more. The events helps bring us all together to meet everyone. I love it!


Tiffany H.

We love #UnionParkTX because of the amazing people we have met here. I really do wish we made it to more events, but you guys are all AWESOME! But we also love it here because of what is in this picture. Linzie has come out of her shell so much since moving here and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you neighbors for making this place so great!

Chantel L.

I love how helpful neighbors are if you are in need of anything at all. It’s an amazing community! We love all the events and activities and we have met some great friends here because of them!


Rachel O.

We love the sense of community, our neighbors have become our family.

Maranda P.

We love UP because it’s a great community, neighbors are awesome and we know it will be a great place for our little guy to grow up! We’ve met some great people, everyone is friendly; looking forward to a life time of friendships!

Patricia J.

We love the home sweet home that our community brings. We have only been here for one month and have been enjoying our neighbors that have treated us like family. Looking forward to an amazing Spring and summer ahead so that we can enjoy more of this beautiful out door amenities!!

Kendall K.

When we were looking at moving, I loved the on-site activities this community offered. They’re diverse, plentiful, and fun

Jennifer R.

Union Park by Hillwood is a community where our children ride bicycles in the street, neighbors come out to wave sparklers on the 4th, laughter is celebrated and tears are shared. There are no strangers and we live in our own utopian Mayberry style neighborhood. I love UP because my friends who are now family are here, too.

Dee H.

We love UP because it’s like our Family away from home. We’ve met great people, have awesome neighbors and have created relationships that will last a long time.

Lori C.

We love UP!!! It has such a warm, small town feel to it! We feel like we live on a cruise ship.

Tracy S.

I’ve met some of my best friends at UP.

Alecia S.

We absolutely love our home in UP.
It’s a family friendly and diverse community where the neighbors seem to look out for each other. We love the many activities, amenities and food trucks. What a great place to call home

Antoinette W.

We love UP because of the friendly caring neighbor friends we have made, the sense of community being created, the diverse community of people, the activities that bring neighbors together, the FB page where we can share information with each other, the pool & walking areas.