Millennials are known for prioritizing a healthy work-life balance. Maybe that’s why millennial homebuyers tend to be more selective. They’re not just looking for a good investment. They’re looking for a good life. Millennial home preferences include neighborhoods that foster a sense of community, amenities that make life nicer, and indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

And though millennials may have begun their adult lives as renters in urban areas, millennial homebuyers are increasingly choosing the suburbs. They’re also choosing new home construction in planned communities like Union Park by Hillwood, neighborhoods that are designed to support the work-life balance they desire.

Why Planned Communities in Texas Are Attracting Millennials

More millennial homebuyers are enjoying the suburban life in new home communities in Texas. Why?

Suburban homes can be more affordable—as are new construction homes. It makes sense that home buyers get a better price per square foot in the suburbs than they do in the city center. After all, cities by their nature have a limited scope of housing and space available. It may not be as obvious that it can also be more affordable to purchase a new home than an existing one. Builders typically offer incentives like rate buydowns, cash towards closing, and more. This makes suburban new homes even more appealing to millennial homebuyers.

New homes are more readily available. Baby boomers are staying in their homes, which has put a damper on existing home inventory. New homes are easing the crunch for millennial homebuyers, who can find move-in-ready new construction homes, or build their own, on their own timeline.

New houses are designed for today’s living.  Millennial homebuyers want media rooms, home offices, and open concept floor plans, all of which are easy-to-find in today’s new home designs. Buyers can choose additional options, like upgraded outdoor living areas, three-car garages, and more, and rest easy knowing their new homes are built with materials and technologies that make them more energy efficient than many older existing homes.

Schools are an integral part of the community. An important part of the homebuying decision is evaluating the school district and schools that the home is connected to. Even buyers who don’t have children know it’s smart to buy in a good school district because healthy schools build strong relationships within the community and increase home values.

A community’s schools make it easy for kids to maintain connectedness with their neighborhood from kindergarten through high school, and Union Park is no exception. There’s even a school right within the community. Some neighborhood children attend the onsite Union Park Elementary School while others attend nearby Paloma Creek Elementary. Thanks to Union Park’s extensive network of trails, children can walk or ride their bikes to both as well as Navo Middle School. And Ray Braswell High School is just a short drive away.

A sense of community is built right in.  Some new home communities (and all Hillwood Communities) ensure that houses become homes by creating neighborhoods that facilitate connectedness. They include paths so neighbors get to see each other, green spaces to play or relax together, and residents can take part in our award-winning lifestyle community that includes hundreds of yearly planned classes, activities, and events that make it easy for residents to make new friends. Just look at what residents say about the incredible relationships they have made and Union Park’s wonderful sense of community.

Top-notch amenities make the livin’ easy. As noted, millennials are all about work-life balance, so they appreciate the fact that after work it’s easy to play pickleball, relax by the pool, exercise at a state-of-the art fitness center, or grab a bite at the food truck park.

New communities are fun for furry family members, too. There’s recently been a big boost in pet ownership, dogs in particular, and especially among millennials, who own more dogs than any other generation. New home communities like Union Park don’t just tolerate dogs, they welcome them with walking paths, pocket parks, and their very own Bark Park.

FAQs About New Home Communities Attracting Millennials

  • What percentage of millennials own a home? According to the latest data, 52% of millennials are homeowners.
  • Why are millennials waiting longer to buy houses? Previous generations bought houses when they had enough money, started families, or found good deals. Student debt, a volatile job market, and the pandemic have made it harder for millennials to save money, and many are settling down later than their parents did. In addition, high mortgage rates and a housing shortage have made it tougher to find homes.
  • What types of homes are millennials buying? Millennials prefer high-tech, single-family detached houses with garages and open concept living areas, with an average indoor space of about 1,900 square feet.
  • Are millennials moving to the suburbs? Yes! Millennials, especially older ones, are flocking to the suburbs. Affordability, indoor and outdoor space, and quality of the neighborhood (including proximity to good schools) are primary drivers.

Millennials Are Choosing New Home Communities Like Union Park

Union Park checks all the boxes for millennial homebuyers, and then some. Homeowners can relax or picnic at one of our many parks, work out indoors or outdoors at the Rec at Fitness Park, or swim laps at one of our pools. They can walk the kids to school. They can attend organized happy hours with neighbors, meet new people volunteering at a LovePacs Aubrey packing event, or take the family to events like the Spring EGGstravaganza. And they can buy a new construction home in a neighborhood that offers not just a house, but a lifestyle.

Enjoy the Good Life at Union Park

Whether you’re a millennial, or just someone who prizes work-life balance and community, Union Park has a home for you. Check out the beautiful new construction homes at Union Park by Hillwood. Come for the convenient location in Little Elm, TX and great amenities and stay for the sense of belonging. Our new construction builders have available homes, and many are offering incentives, so now is a great time to buy!