How are you doing on those New Year’s Resolutions? If you haven’t made any yet, it’s not too late to get started!

Of course, making your New Year’s resolutions and keeping them are two very different things: but keeping them is a lot easier in a community like Union Park by Hillwood in Little Elm, Texas!

Thanks to our plentiful amenities and award-winning lifestyle program, Union Park is the perfect environment for anyone pursuing positive change to grow and thrive in. If you live here, achieving goals like the ones below isn’t just made easier – it’s also more fun!

New Year’s Resolutions for Texas Homeowners

Here are some common resolutions and ways living in a great community like Union Park can help you achieve them.

Work Out More

With Union Park’s state-of-the-art fitness park and scenic walking trails, committing to a healthier lifestyle is within arm’s reach. Whether it’s jogging at dawn or an evening swim, these facilities are your first step toward a fitter you.

Spend Less Money at Restaurants

While dining out is a treat, Union Park offers delightful & delicious alternatives that won’t break the bank. Enjoy the variety and affordability of the changing offerings at our Food Truck Park or whip up your own gourmet meals at the Kitch, our communal kitchen designed for culinary adventures.

Volunteer and Give Back

Embrace the spirit of giving by engaging in volunteer activities. Whether it’s volunteering at our on-site Union Park Elementary, joining your Denton ISD school’s PTAs or participating in Lovepacs fundraising events, Union Park makes it easy to make a difference.

Take Up a New Hobby

Ever thought of learning pottery or painting? How about candle-making? The classes organized by our award-winning lifestyle manager are the perfect opportunity to explore new interests and unleash your creativity.

Broaden Your Social Circle

Thanks to a calendar brimming with social events, making and spending time with new friends is easy when you live at a new home community like Union Park. Whether it’s congregating with neighborhood families for a holiday party, joining in on a Murder Mystery, or gathering for a pool party, there are ample opportunities to meet new friends here.

Do More Family Activities

Want to spend more time with the family while enjoying some Texas sunshine? Enjoy some pool time together, head over to the Exploration Park, or teach your kids to fish at our catch-and-release fishing pond, a timeless skill that can unlock a treasure trove of memories.

Walk or Bike with the Kids to School

It’s great when your kids live close enough to walk or bike to school, and going with them in the morning is a great way to do something good for your health.  But you have to actually do the walking or biking to get the benefits. So get up a tad earlier and start the day with a refreshing walk or bike ride to school, a simple joy that fosters family bonding and active living!

Get an Accountability Partner for Fitness Goals

If resolution #1 is proving to be tough, a workout buddy can help ensure you stick with your exercise routine. Team up with a neighbor or friend from the community to keep each other motivated on your fitness journey.

Walk the Dog Regularly

With our dog park and trails, taking your furry friend for daily walks is not just good for them, but is also a great way for you to stay active.

The Union Park Lifestyle as a Catalyst for Positive Change

If you haven’t already guessed, Union Park’s lifestyle program– the heartbeat of our community– has a way of changing people’s lives for the better!  It’s a lifestyle designed to foster connections, wellness, and lifelong learning among residents. Guided by our nationally recognized lifestyle manager, Jenny Laible, the program offers an eclectic mix of events, classes, and clubs that cater to all ages and interests.

From health and fitness workshops to culinary classes and cultural celebrations, the program ensures that every day at Union Park is an opportunity to engage, learn, and grow. This commitment to creating a vibrant, connected community has earned our lifestyle program and manager numerous accolades in recent years, a testament to the positive impact that is made on our residents’ lives.

Union Park Groups and Events

Union Park is home to various homeowner groups and clubs, each with its unique flavor and interests. These groups, ranging from hobbyists and fitness enthusiasts to book lovers and volunteer brigades, are the backbone of our community’s social fabric.

They not only provide a platform for residents to pursue their passions but also sponsor events that bring everyone together in celebration and fellowship all year ‘round. Whether you’re looking to connect with other gardeners, explore new dishes with fellow foodies, or engage in philanthropic efforts, there’s a group for you at Union Park.

Why Union Park is a Great Place to Live

Union Park goes beyond the conventional to offer a living experience like no other. Here, homes are designed with both comfort and elegance in mind, nestled within a community rich in amenities — from parks and pools to walking trails and fitness facilities. With top-rated schools within walking distance and a vibrant calendar of community events, Union Park is a place where education, recreation, and relaxation are seamlessly integrated into daily life.

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