Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be a big change, especially when it comes to finding a place to call home. Thanks to the assistance of the VA’s home loan program, the percentage of veterans who choose to buy instead of rent is higher than the rest of the population.

And with many veterans choosing new construction homes over alternatives, it shouldn’t be a surprise that new home communities are becoming a top pick for armed forces families, both active duty and retired. Why is that? Let’s dive into why these communities are preferred among service members.

8 Reasons New Home Communities Are Popular with Military Families

The Best Places for Veterans to Live Offer Multiple Housing Types and Options

One of the most exciting parts about starting a new chapter in life is finding the perfect place to call home. New home communities understand that every family, especially those transitioning from military life, has unique needs. Whether you’re a newlywed couple looking for an entry-level home, a growing family in need of more space, or empty nesters seeking a cozy retreat, these communities offer a range of housing options. The beauty of it? You can transition from one home to another as your life evolves, all within the same supportive community.

A Sense of Community

For those who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting others, feeling safe at home is non-negotiable. New home communities like Union Park by Hillwood in Little Elm, TX are thoughtfully designed with features such as well-lit streets, short blocks, and clear sightlines. And the many opportunities for interaction with neighbors create a close-knit community of people who look out for one another.

Community Amenities

Life in the military is more than just duty; it’s about camaraderie, teamwork, and enjoying shared experiences. New home communities mirror this spirit by offering a plethora of amenities that bring the entire community together. Whether it’s sparkling pools for weekend relaxation, parks for family picnics, fitness centers to stay in shape, or clubhouses for community gatherings, there is no lack of places for people to gather and share life together. These are spaces where old friends reconnect and new friendships are born, all while enjoying the perks that can make everyday life feel like a vacation.

Convenience is Key

Military bases are like mini cities, with everything needed within arm’s reach. Similarly, new home communities strive to ensure residents have easy access to essential services. From top-notch healthcare facilities to schools, shopping centers, and even entertainment hubs, everything is just a short drive away. Plus, with the added advantage of being close to major cities, residents can enjoy the tranquility of community living without missing out on the energy that comes from living in a metro area.

Veteran-Friendly Housing Communities: Tax Benefits

Serving our country comes with many sacrifices, and our communities want to give back in any way they can. One way is through tax incentives. Depending on your state of residency, military service, and disability status, special tax breaks for veterans may be available. (Texas offers a variety of state-specific benefits).

Beyond saving money, these benefits are a way to show a community-wide appreciation for our military members and their service. Whether it’s property tax exemptions or special deductions, these benefits can make homeownership even more appealing and accessible for veterans.

Best Places for Veterans to Live: A Predictable Environment

Structure, order, and a sense of routine are values ingrained in every service member, and new home communities reflect this familiar environment. Streets are well-maintained, lawns are well-manicured, and there’s a sense of uniformity that brings comfort. Some communities even go the extra mile by maintaining your front yard, ensuring that every house on the street looks pristine. Even small touches of precision like this help create a space where veterans can truly feel at home.

Buying a House after Military Retirement: Options for Aging in Place

Life after the military is about enjoying the golden years in comfort and familiarity. As we mentioned above, Union Park is a place where veterans (of all ages) can retire and enjoy the quality of life that a professionally managed, well-maintained community full of resort-style amenities brings.

And, with more Americans aging in place than ever, many new home communities are offering options with the mature adult in mind. Del Webb at Union Park, a 55+ active-adult community within Union Park, offers homes with features designed to make life easier for seniors as they age. Examples include single-story layouts, curbless showers, easy-to-reach appliances, and laundry rooms situated just off the primary bedroom. Plus, with amenities like fitness centers, walking trails, classes, and social clubs tailored for seniors, there’s always something to keep you active and engaged.

A Vibrant Lifestyle with a Sense of Belonging

A military career often provides more than just a job; it offers a family. Leaving that behind can be daunting, but new home communities strive to recreate that sense of belonging. One big reason former military families love Union Park is our award-winning lifestyle program that includes over 300 events, parties, classes, and activities each year for residents to get to know each other and form friendships.

Union Park’s Lifestyle Director also helps organize affinity groups for subsets of residents (e.g., moms of preschoolers, teens, runners, etc.) who have common interests. The veterans’ group at Union Park offers a space to share stories, support one another, and engage in activities that resonate with their unique experiences.

Here’s what one resident had to say about living here:

“My husband and I bought our home in Union Park in 2020 and [we] love the community! We were a military family prior to living here. I was worried we would lose that sense of having a “village” when we transitioned to civilian living, but this community has truly become our new village. We love our neighbors, the community events, and the amenities. We can’t picture living anywhere else!”

Beyond intentionally fostering a vibrant sense of belonging, though, some new home communities take their appreciation a step further. Hillwood Communities, the developer of Union Park, partnered with Building Homes for Heroes and Highland Homes to provide a mortgage-free home in Union Park to a disabled military veteran and his family. This collaboration has provided several wounded veterans with mortgage-free homes in Hillwood Communities in recent years.

Buying a House after Military Retirement? Explore Union Park by Hillwood

New home communities are more than just a collection of houses. They’re a haven where veterans can find familiarity, support, and a sense of purpose. If you’re a veteran leaving military service behind and are considering a new home purchase, consider a new construction home at Union Park by Hillwood. Our community is filled with other military families already enjoying our lifestyle, amenities, and strong community values amidst their stunning new homes. If you’re interested in joining them, reach out today.