Tips for Buying a Home as a Pet Owner

Families come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to make sure everyone in your family is prepared during the home-buying and move in process. And this goes double for pets!

Moving can be stressful for dogs and cats, so, if you’re buying a house with pets, you’ll need to take different considerations at every stage of the home-buying process to accommodate your animals.

Millennials in particular love pets and make up the largest segment (35%) of pet owners in the country. As more and more millennials buy homes for the first time, staging and purchasing a home around pets’ needs will become more common. Here are our tips for buying a house with pets to make sure man’s best friend is taken care of until the day you’re ready to move in.

The Facts About Millennial Pet Ownership

Like so many lifestyle choices, millennials pet ownership looks very different from previous generations. According to TD Ameritrade, seven in ten millennials own a pet with more than half owning a dog while 36% are cat owners.

Along with this high number of pet owners among millennials, they also spend more on their pets each year and the popularity of pet-care services is on the rise. Millennial dog owners, as a group, for example, spend $67 billion per year on their pups.

Simply put, millennials love their pets and regard them as members of the family. That’s why buying a house with pets in mind is so important for this generation as they purchase their first homes. Keep reading for actionable tips on buying a house with pets and selling a house with pets.

3 Tips For Buying a Home as a Pet Owner

1. Do Your Research

If you own multiple pets, check with local officials on specific city guidelines. In most Texas cities, like Dallas for example, six dogs and/or cats are permitted if you live in a single family home on less than a half an acre of land. For properties with more than half an acre of land, you’re allowed to own eight dogs and/or cats.

You should also make sure the neighborhood you’d like to move to is pet friendly. Communities like Union Park with outdoor amenities and easy walkability make the perfect home for millennial dog owners looking to keep an active lifestyle for their pets.

2. Check the Exterior

Ask yourself: Does your potential new home have a big yard? Is it fenced in? Your pets will appreciate the extra space to run and play, especially if you’re moving from a small apartment!

Every Union Park home is built specifically for enrichment with beautiful yards and plenty of space for families with kids and pets alike. You’ll never have to worry about giving the family dog the exercise he needs while spending long afternoons enjoying the great outdoors.

Find out more about available homes at Union Park and make the yard of your dreams a reality.

3. Check the Interior

Homebuyers who own pets look at homes for sale differently than those without pets. Does your new home have a lot of steps? Is there an easy way to let dogs out to go to the bathroom? Or perhaps even a mudroom to clean up muddy paws?

Your pet will want to have more space at home. This is a win-win for when you have company over as well. Your pet will have the freedom to mingle but also make themselves scarce.

Pro-tip: Look for homes with little to no carpeting. What’s better than an easy cleanup?

3 Tips For Selling a Home as a Pet Owner

1. Clean, Clean, and Clean

While many homebuyers may have pets of their own, as a home seller, it’s always a good idea to be discrete about owning pets when showing your home. In fact, pet odor, pet hair, any sign of pets at all, can turn a buyer away completely.

Deodorize your carpets, install air fresheners, sweep and most importantly—vacuum! If you own cats, make sure to keep their litter box clean prior to showing your home as well. Making a home as presentable as possible is key.

2. Get Rid of Any Pet-Related Objects

If a potential homebuyer isn’t a pet owner, they most likely wouldn’t want to see a litter box, a pile of chew toys, food and water bowls, or pet beds during their house tour.

Gather up any pet-related objects and store them in a place that potential homebuyers won’t see. This goes for pictures of your pets, too!

3. Take Your Pets Out of the Home

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it is imperative that your pets are out of the house during a showing. Schedule a pet-sitter, friends/family, or neighbors to watch your pets. If you can’t find someone to look after them, take them out for a family day at the park.

Do you feel more comfortable about buying a house with pets? It doesn’t have to be a stressful process when you’re putting the needs of your family and your pet-family, first!

With trends toward a new stay-at-home lifestyle and a spike in millennial pet ownership, Union Park by Hillwood has all of the neighborly, enriching, accessible, and vibrant features you’re seeking in a new home.

With several parks and schools and a close proximity to Frisco, your entire family (pets, too!) will want for nothing more. Learn more about our master-planned Union Park community and take a virtual tour today.