Some people call it “Lake Lewisville.” Others call it “Lewisville Lake.” Everyone calls it a great place to have fun. And when you live at Union Park by Hillwood in Little Elm, TX, you can call it “close by.”

Less than an hour from Dallas, Lewisville Lake is one of Texas’s most popular water sports recreation areas. It’s located a few minutes from Lewisville, in and around Little Elm, TX, and just a short drive from Union Park. The 29,592-acre lake has wooded shores, sandy beaches, and hidden coves. A wealth of wildlife inhabits its waters and wetlands. And it offers pretty much every recreational opportunity you can imagine. There are so many wonderful Lewisville Lake activities, it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But here are our top ten fun things to do at Lewisville Lake:

Ten Fun Things to Do at Lewisville Lake

1. Swimming at Lewisville Lake

Swimming is at the top of our favorite Lewisville Lake activities because nothing is better than a cool dip in the lake on a hot Texas day. Plus, there are quite a variety of beaches and swimming areas to choose from. Check out our FAQs below for a list of our favorite Lewisville Lake swimming spots.

2. Fishing at Lewisville Lake

Bass, crappie, and catfish are plentiful here, making fishing another of our favorite Lewisville Lake activities. Lure fish from their hiding spots near the shoreline or spend a day on the boat in the open water. Fancy yourself a good fisherman? Join one of the annual fishing tournaments!

3. Playing in the Sand

Lewisville Lake Beaches are a wonderful way to spend a day. Whether you’re a young family who wants to build sandcastles, a casual athlete who likes volleyball, or a reader who can’t wait to sink into a book with your toes in the sand, you’ll find the right beach for you at Lewisville Lake.

4. Partying on the Water

For adult fun in the sun, head to Party Cove. This over-21 on-the-water party destination is always packed with boats, music, and good times, making this one of the top Lewisville Lake activities for the young adult crowd.

5. Captaining a Boat

No Boat? No problem! Boat Rentals are always a favorite when it comes to Lewisville Lake activities. At Cottonwood Creek Marina, you can rent party pontoons, fishing boats, ski boats, and more. Really invested in boating life? Consider joining The Nautical Boat Club at Lake Lewisville where you’ll have access to boats, water toys, and dockside valet service—all without buying a boat!

6. Exploring More Water Sports

Paddleboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding—there’s no end to the water sport activities you can enjoy on Lewisville Lake! Rent equipment at Hidden Cove Park, or join the DFW Surf Club, where you can access equipment, take lessons, and join other water sport enthusiasts for special events.

7. Camping at Lewisville Lake

S’mores on starlit nights or campfire coffee with a lake view—what’s better than camping at Lewisville Lake? You can park an RV at Lake Park’s Campground or pitch a tent camping at Lakefront Little Elm’s camping area, among others.

8. Hitting the Trails at Lewisville Lake

Studies show that getting out in nature is beneficial for everyone, and there are plenty of places to enjoy the natural beauty around Lewisville Lake. Check out these great hiking trails.

9. Eating Out

You won’t have to worry about sand in your sandwiches when you choose one of the great nearby restaurants on Lake Lewisville. Favorites include The Margarita Hut, The Savory Kitchen, and The Hula Hut.

10. Attending Fabulous Special Events

The Lakefront at Little Elm hosts fantastic events all year long. From family friendly fun like the Lakefront Grand Prix to adult events like Little Elm Craft Brew & Que Festival, you’re never out of options for fun things to do at Lewisville Lake.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lewisville Lake

Where is Lewisville Lake?

A short 30-mile drive from Dallas, Lake Lewisville is just three miles north of its namesake, Lewisville, TX. The town of Little Elm, TX, is right on the northeast corner of the lake.

How big is Lewisville Lake?

The lake covers 29,592 acres, includes 223 miles of shoreline, and is 25 feet deep on average, though it reaches 67 feet deep near the dam. It’s the tenth largest lake in Texas.

Is Lewisville Lake man made?

Yes. Like most lakes in Texas, Lake Lewisville was created by damming waterways, or in this case, several waterways, including the Elm Fork of the Trinity River; Little Elm, Pecan, and Hickory Creeks; and others. In the 1950’s it was joined with Lake Dallas, a reservoir made by an earlier dam on the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

Can you swim in Lewisville Lake?

Yes! The water is cool and clean, the beaches sandy, and the lake perfect for swimming. Favorite Lewisville Lake swimming areas include those at Little Elm Park, Lake Park, and Stewart Creek Park.

Are there alligators in Lewisville Lake?

According to a photographer for Texas Parks and Wildlife, around a dozen alligators live in the lake. But don’t worry. Alligators are much more likely to bask in the sun than take notice of a human, and there’s never been an alligator attack in Lewisville Lake.

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