Active senior living communities have a lot to offer residents and are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Below, we explore the benefits of 55 plus living communities.

What Is an Active Adult Community?

An active adult living community is a development where adults, usually over the age of 55, live in a community of other adults like themselves. While some people confuse active senior living with a retirement facility, nothing could be further from the truth. Active community living is a far cry from a retirement “home” and you certainly don’t have to be retired to enjoy living in a 55 plus community (although many residents are). Active senior living offers options for adults 55 and older who wish to live a dynamic lifestyle. Below are 5 benefits of active community living.

1) Make New Friends Living in a 55 Plus Community

After 55, many adults are ready to begin a new journey in life. You may not travel in the same social circles you once had. Your habits have changed. You may be retired and not socializing with friends from work. If you’re a parent, you may no longer be socializing with other parents as you used to. There aren’t as many opportunities to meet others with similar interests when you reach this stage of life but living in a 55 plus living community connects you with people your own age. It’s great fun to meet others in the same stage of life with similar interests. In an active living community, these folks are your neighbors!

2) Stay Active Living in a 55 Plus Community

An adult living community doesn’t mean you will give up on any sort of active lifestyle; in fact, it means just the opposite. Active senior living communities are designed to keep people on the move, with community activities, swimming pools, walking trails, sports courts, and fitness centers all built around a master plan. Adult active living means there is always something to do.

3) All Active Retirement Living Residents Are Adults

You’ve likely spent multiple decades raising children, and they have been some of the best years of your life. Honestly, though, you’ve done your time and it is now time to focus on yourself. The permanent residents at most 55 plus living communities are all over the age of 55 and are ready to enjoy the next phase of life too. That doesn’t mean that your kids or grandkids aren’t welcome to visit at any time, it just means that you’ve got lots of other people your own age to relax with. This is why 55 plus community living is so enjoyable and enriching.

4) Homes Are Designed for Active Retirement Living

As you get older, the idea of having to take care of a big house becomes less and less appealing. Plus, if you’re an empty nester, you probably don’t need as much space. When you move into an active adult community, you have the option to buy a smaller home that is more manageable.

Homes at Del Webb at Union Park feature inspired designs for adults 55 and up. Our single-story, open concept homes are more compact, yet are ingeniously designed so that indoor and outdoor spaces work together, offering plenty of room to gather with family and friends. Many of our homes offer innovative features that make life easier, like raised dishwashers, lowered microwave ovens, barrier-free showers, and laundry areas conveniently located just off the master suite.

5) It’s the Perfect Time in Your Life to Move

Your mid-fifties are a perfect time to embrace active retirement living, and you’re at an age where you can do it easily. If you’re living in the home where you raised your family, you may have some work to do to downsize. In the next few decades, this type of move may be something you are no longer able to tackle on your own, but now, you’ve got the energy to do it! Relocating to an active living community sooner may be better than waiting to do it later.

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