When the world shut down last year, our home bases became the basis for everything: Our office, our favorite restaurant, and even our gym. Though it certainly took some adjusting, health nuts made the best of it. Now, many are rejoicing in the fact that their workout options have finally increased beyond the great outdoors.

Whether your loved one is starting a new health resolution, heading back to boot camp after a long pause, or putting the finishing touches on their home gym, this fitness gift guide is sure to get their hearts pumping.

All-weather workout clothing

‘Tis the season for cold-weather clothing, but no matter what the temperature is or which activities they like to do, the fitness lover in your life needs appropriate attire. Focus on athletic clothing that wicks away moisture. It’s something as important in summer as in cooler months since sweat can lead to skin irritation, and in extreme cases, hypothermia. If chafing is a big issue, gift with a stick of anti-blister balm!

Insulated Water Bottles

In terms of workout gifts, this one’s simple but essential. If you’re going to work out, you have to stay hydrated – no exceptions. The temperature of the water is a personal preference, though many fitness buffs understandably like for it to stay cold. The best-insulated water bottles can keep liquids at the same temperature for up to 24 hours! That means they can be filled up the night before an early morning or afternoon workout, with no risk of them getting warmer (or colder) as the day goes on. Not sure they like the taste of water? Supplement the gift with some tasty electrolyte packets that can replace essential minerals they lose as they sweat.

Personalized or Motivational Gear

Gifts for people who work out sometimes need a personal touch. You might choose to have their water bottle, workout gloves, or armbands personalized with their name or motivational statements. They even sell motivational water bottles that contain the full amount of water it’s recommended they drink in a day, along with an hour-by-hour approximation of how far they should be by a certain time.

Portable Hydration Station

If they already have a water bottle or two they love, consider getting them a hydration running belt so they never have to leave it unattended. Most are big enough to fit their keys, phone, and other small essentials, keeping them unencumbered.

Namaste in Place

Want to delight and surprise the yoga bunny in your life? A non-slip yoga towel should be top of the list. If they don’t like to deep clean their yoga mats after each session or rely on the public mats at their studio, this towel will elevate their practice. Not only does it help them hold their positions without slipping, it also absorbs sweat and won’t bunch like other terry cloth towels.

For Fashionable Fitness Enthusiasts

Bonus points if the workout clothes you give them can be mixed and matched with other tops and bottoms, double as athleisure wear, or come with layerable pieces that they can add or remove as they get the blood flowing. Fitness lovers also appreciate strategic stylistic cutouts and thoughtfully placed mesh inserts that give their workout clothes a fashionable flair.

When They’re Short on Space…
Resistance bands are great for people who want to do the heavy lifting without actually lifting anything heavy. These portable, rubber pieces use the intelligence of the body to build up muscle. They come in a variety of different tension levels to elevate squats, lunges, and arm workouts without taking up much space.

If They Work All the Time…

No time to work out? No problem. These Desk Exercise Equipment pieces fit underneath your workspace, making it possible to get in your steps and reps without ever leaving the office. Fan favorites include adjustable dumbbells, compact stationary bikes, and stair steppers.

Post-workout Favorites

From foam rollers and foot baths to muscle massagers, it’s also important to take care of one’s body after pushing it to its limits. Soreness means what you’re doing is working, but it isn’t always fun to contend with in between workout sessions. Consider adding these simple necessities to your gift list to reward the gym enthusiast in your life.

Whether your gift recipient is heading out for a run, taking a yoga class, or sweating it out at the home gym, these gifts for fitness lovers are sure to elevate the activity level. And really, is there any better gift than good health?

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