If you’re facing retirement and beyond, you probably already know that growing older looks different now than it used to.  Now, many seniors remain active far longer into their retirement years than ever before and are not interested in slowing down. Today’s active older adult may want or need to make life a little easier, but they also want options beyond retirement homes and assisted living facilities.  That’s why a new choice is gaining popularity amongst a healthier and wealthier senior population: aging in place.

Aging in Place: Not What It Used to Be

At its simplest, aging in place means staying in your own home as you grow older, and it’s an increasingly popular choice for seniors. The familiarity of staying in your own home and neighborhood is understandably attractive and has always appealed to those who prefer the independence of living alone to the controlled environment of assisted living. And in recent years, developments in smart home technologies have begun to reduce the challenges of this choice.

Aging in Place Technology

Independent living can become more complicated with age. Diminished vision, hearing loss, and decreased strength and mobility can all increase risk and contribute to accidents in the home. Simple activities such as climbing stairs, preparing meals, stooping and carrying, and bathing can pose more challenges as we age.

However, smart homes that enable senior home automation have begun to transform what aging in place looks like. Daily activities like ordering groceries, setting reminders to take medication or keep appointments, turning lights on and off, or remotely accessing everything from the thermostat to the TV, are all made much more convenient thanks to smart home tech like the following:

  • Smart security devices like doorbells and camera systems can offer peace of mind to both residents and family members or caregivers.
  • Motion sensors can help increase fall detection.
  • Medical tech — everything from wearable fitness trackers to remote medical consultations to integrated systems like smart pill dispensers — can make common healthcare tasks much easier.

Most of this aging in place technology is easily accessed by a smartphone or tablet and requires a robust and dependable WIFI connection to function optimally. Thankfully, new home communities like Del Webb at Union Park by Hillwood in Little Elm, TX,

often provide exactly that.  Every home in our community comes pre-wired with CAT6 Wireless Access Points (WAP) to enhance live streaming and internet speed. Residents can then customize their senior home automation system by adding the smart technology devices they prefer.

Benefits of Smart Homes for Seniors

Overall, smart homes for seniors serve to make life easier, safer, and more convenient for their occupants as they age.

  • Video doorbells and integrated security camera systems give residents “eyes” both inside and outside their homes, with the ability to contact the authorities at the touch of a button.
  • Sensors on doors and windows will alert when they’re left open.
  • Motion detectors can alert a friend or family member if a resident has fallen.
  • Smart home utility systems can operate both indoor and outdoor lights independently, saving power if a light is left on, illuminating a hallway during a nightly trip to the bathroom, or shutting off an appliance that’s been left on too long.
  • Moisture detectors can notify the homeowner of spills or leaks.
  • Fire and CO2 detectors offer essential protection from fire and dangerous fumes for residents of any age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people prefer to age in place?

Many seniors prefer the independence of living alone to the more controlled life in assisted living situations, while others appreciate the familiarity of staying in a place they’ve lived for years.

What is a smart home for seniors?

A smart home is one where technologies for aging in place, integrated throughout the home, can make life easier for its residents.

How has technology at Union Park/Del Webb helped senior residents?

Enabling the use of smart home technology via our high-speed, house wide WIFI coverage helps senior residents connect with their devices and make their lives more safe, easy, and comfortable.

Find Your Own Smart Home for Seniors at Union Park by Hillwood

If you’re looking for a smart home that will make aging in place a comfortable and safe reality, check out Del Webb at Union Park in Little Elm, TX. Our new homes are designed to help adults 55+ live an enjoyable, active lifestyle, and our community offers an abundance of amenities for senior residents to enjoy. To learn more, browse our available homes, drop by in person or reach out today!