Have you ever been captivated by the charm and elegance of a model home and pictured yourself living in it? If you have, there’s good news. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to own one.

In the future, all the homesites at Union Park will be sold and the builders’ work there will be almost complete. At that time, the builders’ stunning model homes will go up for sale. If you’ve ever wondered about buying a model home at Union Park, the time to make it happen is almost here! But before you decide, let’s explore what it’s like to buy and own a model home – and whether or not it’s for you.

What is a Model Home?

A model home serves as a showcase property in a new development. It’s designed as a showplace where the builder can display the designs, floorplans, and features available in their new construction homes in the community. It’s also where the builders’ reps can show you a map of their available lots and walk you through the process of buying a new home. Unlike spec homes, which are built without a specific buyer in mind, or inventory homes, which are move-in ready properties, model homes are specifically designed to demonstrate the builder’s craftsmanship and the array of design options available. While every type of home has its own unique appeal, buying a model home offers a distinctive experience.

Advantages of Buying a Model Home

Purchasing a model home comes with several benefits:

  • Competitive Pricing: While never technically “lived in,” model homes are not brand new either and therefore are sold as-is. Because of this, model homes are usually sold at attractive prices, providing a good value for the money.
  • You can See the Finished Product: With a model home, what you see is what you get. Unlike a home that only exists on paper, you can experience the actual look and feel of the home before deciding whether or not you want to live in it.
  • High-Quality Upgrades and Finishes: Model homes usually exhibit the very best that a given builder has to offer. This means they often feature top-tier appliances, finishes, and upgrades, as they are designed to impress potential buyers.
  • Resolved New Home Issues: Most new homes have a ‘breaking-in’ period where problems pop up. However, any initial issues typically found in new homes have already been identified and fixed in a model home.
  • Builder Financing: Many builders offer financing options, making the purchase process smoother.
  • Furnished Option: Some model homes are sold with the furniture that’s already in them, offering an additional perk and removing the stress and hassle of buying all new decor.

Buying a Model Home: Is it Right For You?

While model homes do offer plenty of advantages, they may not be the perfect fit for everyone:

  • Not Brand New: If the experience of moving into a brand-new home is important, a model home may not be for you.
  • Insurance Considerations: Some homeowners insurance policies offer a discount for new construction homes. A model home may not qualify for these discounts.
  • Location Specifics: In some communities, the model home is positioned at the front of the property or on a major thoroughfare, to offer easy access and attract the attention of people driving by. In these instances, the location of the model home might not be ideal. However, it’s worth noting that at Union Park, this isn’t a concern as each of our model home parks are positioned in various parts of the community.
  • Warranty Timeline: While every new home comes with a builder warranty (often a lengthy one), the warranty period for model homes may have already started, which is something to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Model Home

Can I Buy a Model Home?

Yes, you can buy a model home! Model homes are often put up for sale towards the end of a community’s development when the builder has sold out. They are an excellent option for buyers looking for a home that showcases the best of what a builder can offer.

How do I Buy a Model Home from a Builder?

To buy a model home from a builder, start by expressing your interest to the builder’s on-site sales team. They can provide information on availability, pricing, and the purchasing process. We always recommend engaging the services of a real estate agent to help navigate the contract and purchase details.

Is Buying a Model Home Cheaper?

Buying a model home can be cheaper in terms of the value you get for the price. While the list price might not be lower than other homes, model homes are designed to showcase the ideal home from the builder. That means they often come with high-end upgrades, premium finishes, and sometimes even furnishings, making them a cost-effective choice considering everything that’s included.

What is the Difference Between a Spec Home and a Model Home?

A spec home is built by the builder without a specific buyer in mind (i.e., ‘on speculation’) and is often sold as a finished product. A model home, on the other hand, is built to showcase the builder’s capabilities and design options, often featuring high-end upgrades and designer decor. While both are technically new homes, a model home is typically used for display purposes before being sold.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Model Home

When considering a model home, ask about:

  • The history of the home (how long it has been used as a model?)
  • Included warranties and their durations
  • Any furnishings or appliances included in the sale
  • Maintenance and repair history
  • Any homeowner association (HOA) requirements or fees

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