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Live Smart

A new way of living at Union Park.

At Hillwood Communities, we differentiate ourselves from other residential developers by leading the way in state-of-the-art initiatives that contribute to smarter living. Union Park represents the culmination of decades of experience and refinement, developed with the goal of enabling our homebuyers to lead smarter and more balanced lives. Click the video here to learn more about our five guiding principles and visit Union Park today to learn what it truly means to Live Smart.


Our Live Smart Principles

  1. Sense of Community

    Each master-planned community offers a heightened sense of community that helps neighbors come closer together. With the opportunity presented during a community event, or a day at the amenity center or even, a walk down the street, residents have many ways to come together.

  2. Technology

    As technology changes every day, we at Hillwood Communities adapt to those changes. We provide the latest technology for our families, whether it's technology to connect with others or energy efficient technology.

  3. Healthy Living

    We're devoted to creating the best quality of life for our families. That can be seen through our Live Smart principle — healthy living. Our communities offer amenities, like hike and bike trails, playgrounds and community pools, that residents can use to get involved and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Environmental Stewardship

    Environmental stewardship is a top priority of ours when we develop a master-planned community. Our plans to preserve the environment include paying close attention to energy efficiencies, the latest technology and strict building guidelines.

  5. Education & Enrichment

    We believe in a strong commitment to education and enrichment. We make it a priority to develop communities near top-rated schools that allow families to not only learn, grow and flourish now, but prepare them for what lies ahead.



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Live Smart

Hillwood Communities has made an on-going commitment to establish a new formula for intelligent living by leading the way in state-of-the-art initiatives that contribute to smarter living. Learn More >